Irving Art Center-Saturday School

February 15, 2015

Irving Art Center

I recently found a little gem right here in Irving, TX. I was browsing the City Spectrum when I came across some children’s art classes that would be taking place at the Irving Art Center. I’ve heard about the Art Center on a few occasions but never really looked into what it was. It’s a nice facility with a courtyard, art galleries, theaters, and classrooms. There are a few sculptures outside the building that were nice to look at as well. The property is kept very clean and they are currently renovating the fountain walkway in front of the building. The super friendly and helpful staff also made for a good experience.


Moose Lee and ECB enjoying the courtyard while they wait for Iss Miss.

When I saw that they offer Saturday School for ages 6-12 I thought it would be a great opportunity for my Iss Miss. As much as I love art we don’t always make time for projects and learning about different types of art form when we are homeschooling so this acted as a great supplement for art class for us.

During the first few weeks of class Iss Miss dyed yarn using natural dyes that they made out of blackberries, coffee, cochineal, tumeric, onions peels, rosemary and acorns. They also kept a little journal of the yarns and what they were dyed with.  After they were done dying the yarn they made a few projects such as a woven bowl, pouch and bookmark.  Weaving class has become the highlight of Iss Miss’s Saturdays. Today was the last day of class. My daughter had a wonderful learning experience with her teacher Ms. Carleen Michener who made her feel very welcome. The teacher was always smiling, enjoying what she was doing and giving the children individual time. I’m looking forward to seeing what new things Iss Miss will learn in the next session: Adinkra Stamping and Printmaking.

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On our way out we walked through the art galleries. Their current exhibitions are the Golden Legacy: Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books, Jessica Martinez: Fact, Fiction and Whimsy, and Art: A Profound Impact. My favorite was the Golden Legacy exhibition as it brought back nostalgic memories of my own golden book collection I had when I was a child.




Piece from “ART: A Profound Impact” Exhibit


If you live in the DFW area definitely check out the art center’s website for more info on classes and events for the whole family.

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”

–Albert Einstein




Pause Mama…Pause!

January 26, 2015


My three year old (a.k.a ECB) is a ball of energy. He makes his presence known when he walks into a room. He calls me pretty Mama and whenever I make something delicious to eat he tells me I’m the best with a thumbs up and a wink. When we tell him to whisper or lower his voice it goes from very loud to just loud. He is the life of our home.

He does the cutest thing when he wants me to stop dead in my tracks. He doesn’t tell me to stop what I’m doing but instead screams “Pause Mama pause!” I love it and I hope he never changes it.

If I’m running up the stairs to get something and he wants to come along…”Pause Mama pause!”

If I’m sitting on the couch and about to read a book that he wants to listen to as well…”Pause Mama pause!”

If I’m playing cars with him and he needs to get an additional 10 cars from the playroom in his little basket…”Pause Mama pause!”

My sweet ECB if only you knew how much I would like to pause this moment in your life. I want to keep you small so I can enjoy your cute little phrases for just a little longer. I want to carry you around and give you cuddles forever. But most of all I want to press pause so I can keep you small and under my wing, protected. I don’t want for you to know what hate is, or what injustice is or what it means to fail. I want you to live in your little happy kid bubble.

The truth is if I pressed pause you would not feel the warmth of love or witness justice being served. And how will you ever taste the sweetness of success without ever failing? As far as your protection, that I will leave to the All Mighty Allah. By placing my trust in Him I know you will be protected whether I am with you or not.

Public School vs. Charter School a Quick Comparison

January 20, 2015


Daanish will start kindergarten this year inshaAllah. I wanted to know which schools are good, charter or public? And what’s the difference between them. What all things do I need to look in schools for registering?

Would like to hear from you.




I remember having the same question when trying to decide what would be the best option for my first born. As parents we want the best education for our kids. Now more than before we have more choices including public, charter and private school.  Let me start by telling you a bit about each type of school in hopes of giving you a better understanding of the similarities and differences.

Public Schools

  • Have to follow state guidelines on what can be taught in the school
  • Must follow state guidelines on how kids will be evaluated
  • Government funded
  • Education is free
  • Open to all children
  • The school your child will attend depends on the school district you fall into

Charter Schools

  • Independently ran
  • Government funded
  • Not operating the school properly and poor test scores can shut down a charter school
  • Education is free
  • Open to all children
  • Need to fill out an application to enroll your child into the school similar to private schools
  • Spaces are limited and if there are more applicants than available spots a lottery is held
  • Freedom to be more innovative
    • May offer unique electives and teaching methods
    • School often has a theme such as STEM, Expeditionary learning, etc.
  • Centered on doing what is necessary to help children become successful at learning

Which is best?

Do a little research to figure out what your options are. Look up the ratings and reviews at for the public and charter schools in your area and perhaps talk to friends who have sent their kids there, ask them questions.

How do I register?

Once you come to a conclusion make sure you contact the school you are interested in whether it is a public or charter school for information on how to enroll the child. For public school the child must be 5 years old by a certain date (varies by state). They will most likely ask you for proof of residence, child’s birth certificate, immunization records, etc.

As for charter schools, these are usually not limited by school boundaries so you can apply to the ones you are interested in. There is an application you will have to fill out and will most likely be on their website. Also remember there may be deadlines for the application and there could be a lottery (children picked by random) if there are more applicants than seats available.

I hope that helps you out inshallah. Making duas for Daanish’s success in school! Ameen!